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Trivial Business

Trivial Business


Chicken Omelet

Chicken Omelet -- Now that's a perfect model for unsustainable economy. Sort of like putting logging company and oil company together.



Lost without Email? - It's Time to Regain Control

Are you one of those people who have difficulty remembering what to do without looking at the e-mails?

If you answer is yes, be alarmed. It is a common symptom of being in a “firefighter mode” for a prolonged period of time.

Most people know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, and the want to find out more, leave a message.


Intelligence vs. Competence

Intelligence - a high mental and cognitive capacity. It describes a “good thinker”.

Competence – possession of adequate skill, knowledge, experience, and capacity. Note the word is adequate, not exceptional. Essentially, it describes a “good-enough doer”.

Most new businesses require the owner to learn intelligently, divide the tasks, hire competent doers, and delegate the tasks.

The business needs doers. All employees need to be competent at what they are hired to DO. An entrepreneur needs to be good at DOING the thinking and DOING the team-building and DOING the job the company assigns to him.

Be a DOer. Be a competent DOer.

The Swimmer Metaphor

There are four (4) types of swimmers.

1) Clueless – most people cannot swim; never need to and never want to. (75%)
2) Struggling Learners – many people need to or want to swim, but struggle with learning. (20%)
3) Masters – some people are competent swimmers who still have enriched their lives. (4.5%)
4) Champions – the top few managed to gain fame and glory by being the best swimmers. (0.5%)

I say: “It is widely accepted that swimming is a learned skill. Running a business is no different.” People learn to run business in nearly the same way they learn to swim. If

We are most interested in the second group of swimmers, the struggling learners. Most of the entrepreneurs in the business world are struggling learners.

This blog records the journey of one such struggling learner, Y-F D Cheng. Hopefully it will help other learners become masters while making less wasteful mistakes.